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Who We are

Tonse is a recognized leader in India telecom and enterprise mobility sector. Tonse Telecom enables telecom equipment vendors, startups, ISVs, Infrastructure developers and investors for success in the global connected world. We are a research, consulting, marketing and advisory services organization providing custom technology research, investment advisory services, strategy, independent reports and marketing services. Tonse Telecom is based in Bangalore, India.

At the heart of the success story of Tonse Telecom is our passion for technologies driving the Telecom and networking industry. It is our guiding principle that without a valid market analysis and viable business strategy; no technology solutions will achieve their true potential to make a difference.  
Tonse Telecom has onboard, a team of reputed senior industry executives, analysts and consultants who provide advisory services on specific projects. Tonse consultants cover a broad spectrum of telecom technologies that include

  • Broadband Wireless Access – 2G/3G/4G/WiMAX/Wi-Fi / LTE and beyond.
  • Enterprise Mobility
  • Cloud / OTT / Connected World
  • Mobile VAS / Web RTC / HD Voice
  • Network Infrastructure – IMS/NGN
  • Mobile Handset industry

In each of the technology areas, our team is capable of providing due-diligence, market intelligence and consulting services encompassing a broad spectrum of topics

Over time Tonse has invested in specific technology development efforts some of which remained concepts and some others fructified. One of those that has grown to see the light of day is the development of an optical reader which allows specially printed, optically coded books to ‘speak’. These books, now commonly called ‘talking books’ can be extended to any variety of content using suitable software.