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High-End Knowledge Process Outsourcing (KPO)

Are you troubled by the costs involved in maintaining a huge workforce for your domain-based processes and business insights?

Are you worried about not utilizing skilled employees for more strategic and customer-oriented tasks?
With challenging global economic and competitive forces you need to seek additional and lower-cost knowledge resources outside of your organization and geography. Tonse Telecom Research allows you to focus valuable marketing bandwidth on your customers and competition. We bring to you a skilled team of knowledge professionals that offers knowledge-based processes with the twin benefits of round-the-clock production and fast on-time delivery of hard core valuable market data.
At Tonse Telecom, we are strongly committed to developing analytical knowledge solutions to address difficult business challenges. By helping you crystallize understanding of the complex options available to you, we translate complicated data into clear management decisions. Tonse Telecom offers its customers a range of sophisticated research and analytical services designed to support telecom businesses through market-related knowledge and business consulting. With our strong telecom expertise we address your needs for market intelligence, freeing your valuable internal resources for more strategic projects.
Tonse Telecom’s team of diverse multi-domain professionals with in-depth knowledge and experience in various streams of the telecom industry promise you consistent quality and 24x7 on-time performance. With current industry and market updates and information reaching your desk, you enjoy valuable cost-savings on operations and manpower maintenance, as well as increased profits. We help you gain an in-depth insight of your markets, competition, products and services; and deal with rapidly evolving business scenarios.
Our high-end KPO services are customized and value-based, with the focus on driving quantifiable business growth for our customers. Tonse Telecom offers a hand-picked skilled team that works as the customer’s marketing back-office team. Our personnel have extensive domain expertise and have worked with leading multi-national organizations. We cater to the needs of research and research publishing houses, telecom content providers, telecom companies as well as equity research companies and venture capitalists; offering them information services, research services, and complex, high end analytics. Here’s how we address the requirements of each domain:

Research & Publishing Houses
We help research and publishing houses obtain global and regional market data through extensive Internet research and data analytics. Media tracking helps organizations stay informed about the latest news regarding any industry. We also offer fully-customized primary research and database build-out in this area. Customers benefit from:

  • Detailed global / regional /local market data
  • Global media/experts advice tracking
  • Blog tracking

Telecom Content Firms

Customers can use Tonse Telecom’s KPO services to track data on global content licensing. Other services to this domain include:

  • Data - Content cross-licensing across four screens
  • Data Tracking - Multimedia content deals in India
  • Regional UGC - Views, trends, analysis, data and so on

Telecom Companies & Mobile Operators

Tonse Telecom’s KPO services to telecom companies and mobile operators include delivering market intelligence at regular intervals, understanding customer preferences and tracking new service launches. Customers benefit from:

  • Complete regional market intelligence in one stop
  • Customer data analysis/preferences/reviews
  • Instant customer review of broadcast content
  • Regular tracking of new service launches and service reviews

Equity Research Firms & Venture Capitalists

We offer equity research firms and venture capitalists crucial research data required for decision-making and due diligence. Periodic updates of vital telecom statistics and analysis help customers track the industry better. Customers benefit from.

  • Off-shore research support for analyst teams
  • Indian telecom industry vital statistics and analysis
  • Key trends/investments/M&A in the Indian telecom industry
  • Start-up firms, innovation and eco-system tracking