Custom Research

Custom Research services are by definition ‘customer-driven’. For us this translates to ‘tailor-made’ services. These services are usually the starting point for a longer engagement with the customer and builds exponential value over time. In most cases, the technology company, services organization that engages Tonse in Custom Research services is looking to uncover a hidden opportunity or validate a proposition in a given market. This can be very detailed [size of Node B market in India] or can be defined at a macro-level [Scope the mobile music market opportunity in South East Asia]. Tonse has delivered solutions to complex custom research challenges for a wide range of clients including tier-1 handset makers, Fortune 10 IT server, infrastructure companies to satellite operators and wireless garage start-ups with nothing more than a handful of passionate engineers and a 10-slide PowerPoint presentation. Custom Research also includes Industry whitepaper, reports developed for sponsoring Research bodies, Industry Forum such as Wi-Fi Alliance, Mobile Momentum and other global organizations.

Some illustrations of Custom Research done at Tonse:

  • Micro-credit over Mobiles: Opportunity sizing
  • Indian Wi-Fi eco-system: Market definition, trends, growth opportunities
  • Wi-MAX Certification Services: Business Feasibility
  • High-efficiency Audio codec for mobiles: Market Opportunity

Engagement model for Custom Research type services vary widely and are unique to the challenge at hand. Tonse consultants will be glad to spend time with you to help understand, scope the study.