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July 7th, 2011, Vol:1

Editor's Words

By Sridhar Pai, ceo, Tonse Telecom

We are delighted to partner with LR and HR in India / South Asia and explore the opportunities these emerging markets throw up......

Building Value With Five Bars

JUNE 27, 2011

Five bars is a good thing, especially if you're talking signal strength as indicated by your mobile phone. This is the simplest indicator of how well your service provider's signals are penetrating your building walls and into your rooms. But when you have fewer bars, your calls drop or your data session will crawl. As Indian operators launch their 3G services in more circles and start to roll out 4G services in early 2012, expect a virtual stampede of air waves trying to reach into your buildings.

"While India's 350,000 or so cellular towers have created an ugly skyline in most cities, they are generally able to get microwave signals across urban areas, albeit on a best effort basis. The end-to-end quality of a call, however, depends on the cellular infrastructure's ability to establish, maintain and tear down a voice or data call on demand and, in the process, manage the user's location and mobility (in a car or elevator, or entering a crowded cricket stadium or underground parking lot, for example).


The problem is, these signals may be unable to penetrate steel and concrete structures, leading to a decline in user experience.

To counter this, telecom equipment vendors have developed In-building Solutions (IBS) -- micro-cellular technologies such as picocells and femtocells that create small-footprint cell sites within buildings, so enabling more effective coverage within buildings.

It is clear that no single operator has properly dealt with the challenge of poor in-building coverage and can probably only partially eliminate this issue using smart coverage solutions within congested downtown areas and public infrastructure locations such as metro stations and airports. What's also clear is that this is a very important issue that no operator can ignore.


In-building coverage solutions dramatically improve user experience, offering better quality speech, fewer dropped calls, improved bandwidth availability. In some locations an in-building micro-cell deployment may be the only way to deliver acceptable quality signal coverage and capacity.

Read More: http://www.lightreading.in/document.asp?doc_id=209387&site=lrindia&

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Comparison of Tablets Launched in India –Jun'2011

Google unveils Google+
Google+ launch comes at an exciting time of convergence among the mega trends for the decade: social business, mobile enterprise, cloud computing, and unified communications. The five pillars of Consumerization of IT (CoIT) fall in Google's favor as consumer users rapidly seek to bring these innovations into their enterprises. Subsequently, Google+ already takes advantage of Google's assets to. more
Facebook, Skype to launch video chat service
Facebook and Skype are about to strike a deal that would bring the video chatting service to the social networking site. With Facebook CEO Mark Zuckerberg promising an "awesome" new feature on July 6, Skype, which was recently purchased by Microsoft for a whopping USD 8.5 billion, could become a fixture on the world's largest social network. more
Nokia and Accenture Finalize Symbian Software Development and Support Services Outsourcing Agreement
Under the agreement, Accenture will provide Symbian based software development and support services to Nokia through 2016. Approximately 2,800 Nokia employees located in China, Finland, India, United Kingdom and the United States, are expected to transfer to Accenture at closing, which is expected to take place in the early part of October, 2011. more
Bharti Airtel may cut 2,000 jobs
Bharti Airtel has embarked on a restructuring exercise that will merge three separate businesses, triggering a large-scale job cull for the first time in the services sector since the 2008 economic slowdown. more
KDDI Offloads Traffic on Cellular Network Through Wi-Fi
Japan's KDDI is installing more than 100,000 Wi-Fi hotspots that smartphone users will be connected to automatically for data services, offloading traffic from KDDI's cellular network. The operator is using equipment from Ruckus Wireless and has already installed 10,000 access points. It is able to install the access points quickly in part because it is using WiMax for the back-haul. more
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