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February 15th, 2013, Vol:1

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By Sridhar Pai, ceo, Tonse Telecom


How Oracle will lead Telcos into the Enterprise

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The Telco packet revolution that started off a decade ago is still work in progress. The transformation of the Telco infrastructure - which most believe - was to do with packet switching and then transport - is still just the tip of the iceberg. With its $2.1 bil acquisition bid to acquire Acme Packet, Oracle certainly believes this is just the beginning.

There is no bigger evidence to the fact that the Telco infrastructure is now an extension of the enterprise - or the other way round. As end to end IP infrastructure becomes a reality, cloud and data centres become homes for next generation Central Office, specialized gear developed for VoIP infrastructure with large deployed base suddenly appear to make a huge difference to cash-rich vendors like Oracle who come from the enterprise world.

Oracle from its home of database solutions has come a long way and is a key provider of Service Delivery management and network platforms to Telcos and to traditional vendors of Telco gear. Oracle's traditional OSS / BSS suites for Telcos are already sitting adjacent to Intelligent Policy Controllers in mobile broadband networks, backed by advanced Analytics engines across heterogeneous access networks. All this while traditional equipment vendors are hurting with falling capex outlays from carriers, forcing these big iron vendors to constantly innovate just to stay in business.

Acme Packet was founded around 2000, at the peak of the booming dotcom era, and focused on developing session delivery network solutions for VoIP providers. Over the last decade the company has spawned an amazing array of session control solutions overlaying IP infrastructure ensuring proven session delivery network solutions that enable the trusted delivery of Unified Communications applications across IP networks that bridge the gap between the underlying IP transport network and applications and services. Traditionally SBCs (session border controllers) are the only elements that are capable of integrating control of signalling messages as well as media flows used by interactive communications. By definition, they are located at borders of IP networks - between service provider networks, or service provider to enterprise networks or residential networks.

Emerging as a strong enterprise and carrier IP infrastructure vendor, Oracle has pulled a coup with the acquisition of Acme Packet and will play a defining role of delivery of voice / data and video services over IP from Telcos into the enterprise. This move is the harbinger of things to come - perhaps a stronger indication of how enterprise voice / data is going to change too. For example, the cloud and BYOD (bring your own device) are transforming the enterprise infrastructure totally. A lot will therefore ride on the ability to securely deliver enterprise voice and video across disparate locations through hosted services white labelled by operators. Such scenarios may trigger SBC as-a-service, billed by operator per session of secure payload to ensure global enterprise work--force communicates seamlessly.

With significant offerings suite on both sides, service provider as well as enterprise; expect Oracle to actually steal a big piece of the global Unified Communications pie right from under the noses of the big iron telecom equipment makers.

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Sridhar Pai runs Tonse Telecom, a Bengaluru-based telecom research and consulting house that is a research partner to Light Reading India.

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